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Who are we?

In order to meet the demands of ever more demanding clientele, A&L Prestige SA, experts in consultancy and provision of services, we offer a wide range of services adapted to your individual requirements. As well as provider of sumptuous luxury, we are suppliers of services and dreams.

Our agencies are based in Geneva and Dubai. Whatever the challenges may be, for us nothing is impossible and finding a solution to an urgent need is our job.

Our concierge service has the experience and resources to make your dreams a reality.

Our missions

A&L Prestige SA ensures that your requirements are met by selecting the best people in order to save you valuable time. We are your sole point of contact. Our knowledge and our networking with our partners allow us to quickly meet your requirements and therefore help you realise them.

Our golden rules are confidence, confidentiality and professionalism.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Concierge services

A&L Prestige SA, a luxury concierge service based in Geneva and Dubai, tackles challenges in such a way that nothing is impossible. Finding a solution to an urgent request is our priority.

Every client is different and requires individual attention and services that meet their requirements.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

Our concierge service has the experience and resources to make your dreams a reality.

Concierge services

Concierge service for individuals. Tailor-made offer, after analysis of your needs. Subscriptions and mandates.

Concierge service for businesses. Tailor-made offer, after analysis of your needs. Subscriptions and mandates.


A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai provides you with prestigious offers which are reserved for you only at the most beautiful hotels. A collaborative effort with our partners, these offers are unique and chosen specifically for you. They can vary depending on your demands, current events or even seasons; perhaps you need something a little out of the ordinary, a luxury getaway or a romantic weekend …
Given that delivering the exceptional is our profession, emphasising your ideas in order to develop them into a large-scale project remains our driving role and passion.

Private villa

A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai chooses exceptional properties for you in the French/Swiss Alps, the Côte d’Azur, as well as in Geneva and Dubai.

Our selection of exceptional properties provides high quality, 5 star hotel style services. Experience hotel life in a confidential environment.


Our shopper team will help save you time and will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Our shoppers know the finest and most stylish shops and boutiques in both Geneva and Dubai and can also help to create your own personal style.

You can choose between having a shopping assistance with you when you shop or our team can do the shopping for you.

All members of our shopper team are fashion professionals in Geneva and Dubai who follow all the latest trends and fashions, therefore making your shopping experience a very rewarding one.

Luxury food & drink

A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai lets you discover the best restaurants and the most stylish cafés in each our cities, far from the tourist crowds, and will recommend the finest establishments to suit your individual tastes. From gastronomy to luxury brasseries via corner bistros and other local eateries, we will reserve a table where you want, in one of the most unusual locations, at one of the best tables in the city or at the table of a great chef.

VIP Access

Geneva and Dubai are locations that offer a broad range of events, and our teams in each city maintain a busy calendar of sporting events.

Geneva and Dubai both host various international events such as the Boat Show, the International Motor Show and numerous festivals

We have VIP access to the events that interest you the most and to events where you will be able to make the most of our experience, with privileged access, backstage passes, special visits and more.

VIP Transport

Wherever your destination, a private jet will meet your needs: Geneva, Dubai, Moscow, New York, Paris, London, Monaco… A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai will take care of your needs so you optimise your time in complete safety. Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, we will find you a private jet that meets your requirements as quickly as possible. ...    Lean More

Luxury Car

Whether you like sports cars, saloon cars, SUVs, convertibles, etc., you will find a large selection of luxury cars in our catalogue. Big name brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini are available, as well as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and more. ... Lean More

After dark

After the sun goes down the party really begins in Geneva and Dubai. A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai will recommend and show you the best places in town, so you know the places where to be seen, as well as special events, and will provide you with VIP access to the most exclusive locations, clubs and bars in and around the city.


Welcome to A&L Prestige SA

A&L Prestige SA is your specialised relocation agency in Geneva. Our services are aimed at both professionals and families who wish to emigrate and businesses wishing to prepare ... Lean More

Please see our brochure

Property search

We know that enrolment in a school or nursery, whatever they may be, can be a real headache. We are here to advise you, present you with the options available to your family and to assist you with administrative procedures.

School and nursery search and enrolment

We know that enrolment in a school or nursery, whatever they may be, can be a real headache. We are here to advise you, present you with the options available to your family and to assist you with administrative procedures


Completing the technical and administrative aspects of a move to a new country can quickly become complicated. Our team is there to help speed up this process; saving you time and helping you to avoid any unnecessary paperwork.

Settling in

A&L Prestige takes charge of your personal takes care of your administrative and personal needs in order to ensure you can move in and get settled as calmly and as stress free as possible, allowing you to be prepared both professionally and personally.


We will accompany you to meetings/appointments in order facilitate communication and help you with administrative management.

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  • Electricity
  • Telephone - Internet
  • Work and residence permits
  • Insurance

In addition to all the information that follows.
Everything is possible.

Integration and spousal support

The key to a successful expatriation is family integration.
Visiting neighbourhoods
Connecting with a staff placement agency
Language classes

Our services for businesses

Get your employees comfortable settled in
At A&L Prestige, we are sure that by taking care of the arrival of your employee and/or their family, and helping them get settled into their new life, you will save valuable time because it will allow them to be more efficient and profitable in their new work environment. For the sake of your company, it is of vital importance that your employee, relocating for professional reasons, is quickly competent and operational.
Client brochure for download

Our services to individuals

A&L Prestige is at your service. We analyze your individual needs and those of your family in order to relieve you from the stress caused by moving to a new country and ensuring that your move goes as smoothly as possible. ... Lean More


A&L Prestige SA Events Geneva-Dubai’s talented team selects the most surprising and inventive locations to help you realise your unique event according to your wishes. Whether custom-made or pre-packaged, our services are far from lacking in originality.

Private events

Any kind of private party or soiree is imaginable. A&L Prestige SA can organise it by offering you a range of services in Geneva or Dubai, always taking into account the best ways or realising the wishes and demands of our clients and there being no limit other than your imagination. We organise the party of your dreams, everything from accommodation to catering, in the most festive locations,, including unique and original evenings in Geneva and Dubai, with the sole aim of meeting our clients demands and creating the most beautiful moments of wonder.

Company events

Want to organise a Christmas tree, product launch, gala dinner, creative evening, sporting event or other kind of event? A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai specialises in high-end corporate events, creating the evening of your dreams. We adapt our services to each client in order to make every event unique and unforgettable.

Children’s parties

Both very young children and teenagers deserve a fantastic birthday celebration. A&L Prestige SA Geneva-Dubai organises ultra-original and unforgettable moments thanks to tailor-made customisations that take into account the age and interests of the child, so as to make this their special moment.
Bespoke birthday cakes, bouncy castle or limousine with chauffeur hire, photo albums, video filmed in personalised decor…nothing is impossible and everything is doable. Our team of professionals will meet your expectations in order to give your child the most wonderful memories.


For the most beautiful day of your life, A&L Prestige SA specialises in high-end, bespoke weddings by creating elegant and unique events in Geneva and Dubai. Our team of experts, with many years of experience in Wedding and Event Planning, will transform your event into an intimate or extravagant ceremony. They will professionally arrange the flowers, music, photography, catering….everything to make the day run smoothly so that you and your guests can fully enjoy this very special day.

Staff recruitment

A&L Prestige SA concierge services also specialises in the recruitment of high-end home staff, our experience in the field allowing you to find exactly who you want.

House staff

_ Governess
_ Butler
_ Nanny
_ Au par
_ Private secretary
_ Kitchen staff

Service staff

_ Gardener
_ Security guard
_ Chauffeur
_ Stable staff

Professional staff

_ Chef de cuisine
_ Chef executive
_ Majordome
_ Personnel de service
_ F&B manager


While everyone agrees that a patient’s psychological state and wellbeing is essential to the healing process, we realise that going into hospital in a foreign country can be a very worrying experience. ... Lean More


Beauty is the splendour of truth (Plato)

At the crossroads of humanity, science and art, only ethics trivialises the ways of True Aesthetic Surgery.

Above all a plastic surgeon must be :

... Lean More

Rue de la Croix-d'Or 17
CH-1204 Geneva
Phone: +41 (0) 22 317 87 87

Mail info@al-prestige.ch

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