Welcome to A&L Prestige SA

A&L Prestige SA is your specialised relocation agency in Geneva. Our services are aimed at both professionals and families who wish to emigrate and businesses wishing to prepare and support the professional relocation of their employees.

A&L Prestige offers unique support by a professional, reactive and approachable team, to take care of each member of your family and take charge of even the slightest of demands and requirements over the course of different stage of the relocation process.

Our goal: assist and accompany you or your employee throughout the relocation process and offer tailor-made services in order to ensure your/their arrival in Switzerland is done as confidently and stress-free as possible.

For those wishing to move to Geneva, the A&L Prestige SA team works with you and guides you through the relocation process. You will be able to benefit from our services both before you and after you have arrived. Peaceful. Stress-free integration into life in Geneva, in the greatest and most luxurious of comforts, is A&L Prestige’s priority, which will make every effort to achieve this.

We can assist you in the form of complete support, according to your own requirements and wishes or precise and punctual needs. We take the time to familiarise ourselves with your project in order to be able to deal with it in a personalised way.

Evidence shows that making use of a relocation agency when you arrive in a country, wherever it may be, is an invaluable aid that will help you to avoid stress and losing time, as well as allowing you to immediately benefit from good connections. The quality of your move/settling in and the speed of your integration are therefore paramount.

We are here to help individuals, families or couple in order to make sure the first days of your new life are as pleasant as possible. Whether it’s for a change of job or a change of life, we facilitate all aspects of your move to a new home and your transition into your new expatriate lifestyle. Such an upheaval can cause ca great deal of stress, which can be easily spared for all involved.