While everyone agrees that a patient’s psychological state and wellbeing is essential to the healing process, we realise that going into hospital in a foreign country can be a very worrying experience. Our aim is to reduce the stress of this kind of visit through interactions with people and by being available at all hours. We offer a personalised service with a medical “consultant” available throughout the course of your medical treatment/stay in hospital.

The principles are simple :

• Available at all times for the individual being treated abroad;
• User satisfaction levels are high, leading to stronger client loyalty;
• The financial aspects are not neutral: medical concierge services have high added value;
• They are currently operational in France and Tunisia.

Services :

• Checkups
• Medical assessment
• Second opinion
• Organisation of medical appointments
• Request and transmission of medical reports and records from doctor to doctor
• Coordinating the delivery of prescription medicines
• Personal support services
• Communication with and accompaniment of family
• Legal information on choice of doctors/hospital
• Reception at airport, transport to hospital in private ambulance
• Finding and going into a hospital, organisation and personalised follow-up during hospital stay
• Accompaniment by/with an interpreter
• Help with getting visas
• Etc.